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How a medical service provider increased website bookings by 547%

How a medical service provider increased website bookings by 547%

See how this medical specialist clinic increased online bookings by 547% in the first month with RAMMP. No magic or voodoo - they simply connected their analytics, and allowed RAMMP to identify the real issue that was blocking bookings

The challenge

kindSIGHT are a premium Opthalmology service provider. Like most medical specialists, they have spent years perfection their craft, not digging into the weeds of marketing strategy. They hired a marketing agency to help them improve appointment bookings from their website. After months of paying expensive retainers, they were growing increasingly frustrated and confused, and unsure about what to do next.

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The approach

The kindSIGHT team worked with RAMMP to identify the real issue preventing their new website from converting site visitors into bookings. They connected their website analytics and immediately saw that their Sign-Up score was underperforming. Digging deeper into RAMMP's tips, they realised that they were working with the wrong kind of agency - they were working with a specialist agency that was driving traffic to their website. What they needed was a design agency that could help them create the right call to actions (CTA's) to give (often elderly) site visitors the confidence they needed to make an online booking.

Why it worked

The approach worked because like most medical specialists, kindSIGHT did not know their marketing performance agency from their design agency, or their web development agency. Everyone they spoke to suggested that they fix the problem that they were great at fixing: imagine going to an Orthopaedic surgeon with a cardiac issue. That is why, despite investing heavily in marketing each month, they were not seeing any gains.

Understanding which part of the marketing funnel was defective, and what to do to fix it make a huge improvement to kindSIGHT's online bookings - significantly reducing flow on costs associated with incoming calls into the clinic.

Apply it in your business

If you are working with a digital agency and not seeing the results that you want, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the agency working on the real problem, or on the problem they know how to fix?
  2. How can you tell what the real blocker in your marketing funnel is?
  3. How much business are you missing out on by not knowing exactly what to do to fix your funnel leaks?

You can try RAMMP out for yourself by simply signing up, connecting your stats and getting a free analysis on the first 3 ADORE Milestones.